LeBron James Wins His First Championship

LeBron James wins his first NBA Championship trophy in 2012!

YEAH! BOOM! LeBron wins his first championship! You all watch that game last night? He looked like a man amongst boys out there. The Miami Heat ball movement was the difference in this game for sure. They were rotating it around and hitting the open man for the shot all night long. And… THEY WERE ALL MAKING IT! Mike Miller! Chalmers! Battier! So much fun. SO LeBron James got his first NBA championship trophy, his first NBA Finals MVP, and another season MVP. I’d say 2012 was a successful year for King James!

Watching the post game joy and interviews by LeBron – I couldn’t help but be excited for him. He truly understands that he was somewhat of a “db” last season. Playing the game for the wrong reasons. Playing with HATE and note LOVE. You could tell. THis year he was 10x better and it showed. People grow up! Way to go LeBron. It’s all the first step in shedding that negative public image he obtained after the “announcement” was made.

LeBron James = NBA Champion in 2012!

Is his legacy complete? Thoughts?

Lebron James Pendant worth $10,000

Everyone is selling their Lebron James crap. Especially livid fans in Cleveland who are instantly NOT FANS anymore. Well, you may want to consider being a buyer. This lucky lady went to a garage/yard sale and saw this cool looking Lebron James #23 pendant on display. $5 to buy it. Wow, quite a steep price tag for a yard sale but she decides it’s a cool collectible.

So the lady then brings it to be appraised just for the heck of it.  The appraisal shop says this piece of jewelry is worth near $10,000 – HOLY CRAP.  That’s a nice garage sale find I’d say.  Go out and start buying some of this cheap Lebron James stuff people.  You might find the next $10k pendant on display!

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