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Happy Lebron James Day

Happy Lebron James Day


The King, Lebron James, will be making his final decision tonight on where he is going to play next year.  Miami?  Cleveland?  Chicago?  New York?  His latest Twitter is still begging for some attention as it says,

Good Morning! It’s your chance to ask me a question about my decision, use #lebrondecision to submit and I’ll answer them tonight.

To be honest I’m just ready for it to be over so we can move on with real Lebron news.  All of this drama is wearing us out.  In other news, look for Club Lebron to go through a major overhaul once his decision is made!!!

Happy Lebron James Day

Bosh to Miami, Lebron Next?

So two of the three biggest free agents on the 2010 NBA market announced today that they were signing and going to be playing in Miami next year. The Heat welcome Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade to their roster. Dwyane Wade has long been a staple and an icon of the Miami Heat, bringing them a championship some years back. He has now added a great piece to the puzzle in Center Chris Bosh. So what does this mean for Lebron?

Lebron James is scheduled to announce his decision on national television tomorrow night (Thursday) at 9:00 EST. Is there any chance he joins these two mega superstars in Miami? It’s not secret that Lebron wanted to play with Bosh and Bosh wanted to play with King James. But it seems to me like the King wanted Bosh to join him IN CLEVELAND. Bosh wasn’t having that and Lebron wouldn’t budge on the issue. So Bosh took the next best option and went to play with Wade in Miami. I think there is ZERO chance Lebron James goes to play in Miami. No way these three egos can coexist in one city.

So where does this leave him? New York is a strong possibility. If Lebron wants to be the king of the world and continue with all the hype – NEW YORK KNICKS are for him. Amare Stoudemire just signed there so this is a great big man superstar to join him on the Knicks. The Bulls and Clippers and Nets seem to be out of the “picture” as far as I can see. Though Boozer and Lebron to Chicago alongside Rose and Noah would certainly make a scary combination. All signs are pointing back to Lebron staying in Cleveland. I think when it comes down to it, Lebron wants to stay here. It’s all he knows. I’m guessing Lebron James is going to stay a Cav tonight and show everyone he’s not ALL about the brightest lights. The question is – will anyone significant ever join him?

LeBron James Announces Decision on ESPN

Lebron James has confirmed that he will announce his 2010 free agency decision on Thursday, 7/8/2010, during a one hour special at 8:00 PM EST airing on ESPN.  So there you go, Lebron James will make his decision on Thursday and announce it to the world.  Who will it be?  The Cavs?  Bulls? Heat? Knicks?  Our money is still on Lebron James staying with the Cleveland Cavs.

DO NOT MISS THIS LEBRON JAMES ANNOUNCEMENT ON ESPN! Thursday!  9:00 PM EST.  Check back here or sign up for our Club on the right for instance updates!!!

Lebron James Official Twitter

So “King James” or Lebron James is officially on Twitter. In the latest of Lebrons publicity stunts he decided to open a Twitter account. He has yet to post a single tweet but has over 35,000 followers already. You can find Lebron James Twitter account @kingjames – pretty cool!

This supposedly came about when Chris Paul tried to talk Lebron into telling him which team he was going to. King James wouldn’t. But Paul did talk him into opening a Twitter account and getting started with that. Lebron James publicist Keith Estabreak has confirmed that @kingjames is truly Lebron James. Look for a new look and some tweets to come shortly from Lebron James on Twitter.

The new Twitter account is now on top of his Facebook account and new website at

Lebron James Official Website

Lebron James has updated his official website and is clearly trying to add to his “list” of people. The Lebron James camp is sure doing a great job of playing this free agency up and building the hype. the new site at says,

“The launch date is nearing for the online home of LeBron James and you can put yourself on the guest list!”

It’s a basic page with a simple email form list. It claims to be updated by Lebron James and the website will be where he announces where he is going. We shall see. In this day and age news leaks out very quickly so once it’s known – everyone will know. Check out Lebron James official website at today and get on that list.

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Lebron James movie – Fantasy Basketball Camp

medium_lebron-james2Rumors are that Lebron James is going to be a movie star. Fantasy Basketball Camp is the movie that is in the works and it appears to be a movie about five random guys who are all different in their own ways. They all go to the Lebron James Fantasy Basketball camp and become quite comfortable talking with Lebron James. They start sharing stories and adventures making it a quite comedic performance. This is like City Slickers of the NBA.

Can you picture Lebron on the big screen?  Should be interesting!