LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers small forward has come into the National Basketball Association with a bang. At the age of 21(turning 22 in December), LeBron has compiled over 6000 points, 1500 rebounds, 1500 assists, and 400 steals in his first three years. LeBron stands at 6’8, 240lbs, born and raised in Akron Ohio. As we all know LeBron did not attend college, as he was taken as the first pick of the entire 2003 draft by the Cavaliers.  In LeBron’s first three years, the Cavs have improved each year. In his rooke campaign he helped lead his team to 35 wins, after a 17 win 02-03 season. In his second year the Cavs were a respectable 42-40, before winning 50 games and reaching the 2nd round of the playoffs in 05-06. LeBron’s playoff numbers were very stellar, including averaging 30 points, 8 rebounds, and 6 assists a game.

LeBron’s mother, Gloria James, had her son when she was just 16. As LeBron grew up Gloria worked hard to raise LeBron and went from job to job, apartment to apartment all within the city limits of Akron(suburban Cleveland). As an elementary student, LeBron moved in with his peewee football coach, Frankie Walker and his wife and three children. LeBron was treated just like Frankie’s own kids, and was responsible for his share of everyday chores, which was a huge aspect in LeBron’s “growing up process”. LeBron the next few years moved in and out of his mother’s home, only to return to Mr. Walker and his family. Despite all the moving, LeBron and his mother still stayed close.

LeBron enrolled in a parochial school in Akron, St. Vincent St. Mary’s High School where first he was a wideout on the football team. As the school year went on, LeBron went out for basketball, and as a 6-3 freshmen scored 15 points in his varsity debut. St. Vincent St Mary’s went undefeated and won the state championship LeBron’s freshman year.

Most of us know how the remainder of LeBron’s high school career went, as he was all over the news, sports headlines, and even had a few of his games on ESPN. And then in June, LeBron was drafted straight out of high school as the first overall pick in the NBA draft.

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  1. I am a big fan of yours and as a lot of others I would love to meet you in person. Mt name is Tykerria Richardson and I am currently and have been on my middle school basketball team as a point guard and you are my inspiration. I average about 18 points per game 7 rebounds. I love the game and I am looking forward to my scholarship for the WNBA. I really hope to meet you one day soon …Ty Richardson

  2. Hi, my son Sal wants to meet u so bad. You are his birthday wish he also wants the LeBron 13. His father isn’t around so I wanted to try my best to make this wish happen it sounds more real then the father thing. He will be 12 on November 29, 2015 if this is possible please get back to me. I’m his only parent that is by his side he is struggling from ODD , Anxiety, & mooddisorder. Thank You in advance Nellie

  3. I know you probably receive an enormous amount of emails a day asking for your help in meeting Lebron James or getting tickets to a game. I have tried to be play a positive role model in their lives and I want them to see positive things like this. My sisters are both single parents and unfortunately they do not have the means or time to do these activities with their sons. I often find myself picking up the slack and this has been one yearly tradition I have been able to fulfil until this year. Every year I try to take my nephews to a NBA game. Last year we saw Indiana Pacers and Cleveland Cavilers. As much as I want to continue the tradition with them, the cost of the tickets are rising. Knowing the kids look up to these players and want to be the next Lebron or Irving how do these kids make it to a game that costs $195.00 a ticket (nose bleed ). This year they want to travel to Cleveland to see Cleveland Cavilers and the Golden State Warriors on Christmas day however, after researching the tickets they are becoming more outrageous. Buying 4 tickets, hotel and feeding 3 nephews whew don’t think its going to happen this year. It’s not about the kids anymore its all about marketing and business. I have included some pictures of me and my nephews.

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