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Club Lebron join Celebrity Club Network

Club Lebron is proud to announce that they are joining the Celebrity Club Network. You may have noticed a slightly new look to Club Lebron in the last day or so, well now you know why. Joining this network changes nothing about how this site is run. Same goals are in effect, but being a part of this emerging network we hope to grow traffic even more. Which in the end, will lead us to our goal of meeting Lebron sooner! Thanks for your patience in the middle of changing designs. is Here

After much thought and development time, is finally here.

  • Our Overall Goal – The entire goal of this club is to MEET the King Lebron James. We are working towards growing the site to a point where he is like, “Wow, my own fan club. I’d like to speak to them.” We’ll see what happens!
  • LebronNews – EHere you will find our own news articles and syndicated Lebron James news from popular feeds.
  • Lebron Images – Not just every single image of Lebron like you find on some sites. Our gallery will feature the best Images we’ve found or taken of Lebron James.
  • Lebron Forum and Chat – Fun stuff. Come discuss anything you want about Lebron in our forum or our sweet Chat on the right
  • Lebron Links – We’ll gather any and all Lebron related links we can.
  • We hope you all enjoy the site and hope you want to be a part of Club Lebron! Be sure to upgrade to an All-Star or MVP member early on so you are sure to be included in any “LebronEvents” we might have! Enjoy the site.

    Lebron Signs Extension

    Lebron James is going to be a Cav for at least 4 more seasons.  The stud guard/forward signed a three-year contract extension worth about $60 million Tuesday.  He signed the contract in Las Vegas while he was there preparing to train with the world championships.  Lebron will now be with the Cavs through the 09-10 season, and it includes a player option for a 4th year.  "We did extensive research and with the way the CBA is set up, it makes the most business sense to sign this extension and then look at another new contract in four years," James said last week.  The contract will go in effect after the 2006-07 season. Lebron earns just $5.8 million next season while finishing off the last year of his rookie contract.