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Via Mouthpiece Sports and And One, ESPN The Magazine reports that LeBron James and O’Shea ‘Ice Cube’ Jackson are teaming up to produce an ABC pilot based on The King’s life as a high school basketball stud.

The series, described as “Friday Night Lights-meets-Entourage,” will follow an inner-city 15 year-old prep star who is transplanted to a small town school and forced to come of age while dealing with media pressure, unscrupulous moneymen and the jealousy of his peers. […]

“It’s a grounded character study of teenage life in small town America, but it’s also an exploration of the American Dream and the wish-fulfillment aspect of what his life has become,” said Matt Alvarez, President of CubeVision, who pitched the concept and is also an executive producer on the show.”

Fortunately, the only television I watch these days is NBA games, “The Office” and “Summer Heights High,” so that “Friday Night Lights-meets-Entourage” comparison really doesn’t do much for me. But hey, “Friday Night Lights” is good, right? I enjoyed the movie. “Ya’ll want to win put Boobie in.” Dramatic stuff.

Anyway, the LeBron-inspired pilot script should be finished shortly so, if ABC approves it, production on the show could begin as early as this spring, with a possible fall ’09 premiere.

In the meantime, I’ll see if I can track down leaked episode summaries like I did with Gilbert Arenas’ new reality show. I may not watch a lot of TV, but I’m extremely well-connected. Call me Ari.