King James McLoving the new deal

King James, LeBron James, put his stamp of approval on the new deal adding Big Ben Wallace and Joe Smith.

“(I like) the playoff experience and our front line is deeper now,” he said.
“If you drive the ball down the paint, if you see Andy (Varejao) and Big Ben, you’re going to think about it twice going in there and throwing something up,” he said. “Our interior defense is a lot better. It’s exciting.”

“Offensively, it’s going to be more difficult because we have a football playbook,” he said. “It’s pretty deep. They should catch on quicker on defense. We have to see how smart of players they are. I haven’t played with them before.”
Szczerbiak and West will add valuable outside shooting.
“It will be tough for teams to shrink the floor,” James said. “Wally is one of the best shooters we have in the game today.”

If you are happy, we are happy LBJ. Keep on keeping on King James!

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