Lebron Quitting?

Lebron James has recently been accused of “quitting” on the Cavs becaus he walked off the court a bit to early in a loss early this week.  Please!  This guy is the ultimate team player that gives 110% everytime on the court.  To make such accusations is absurd.  Lebron played hard this entire game and walked off the court with 10 seconds to go – yes – 10 seconds!  Sure, he probably didn’t handle that situation the best – but he’ll learn.  The one thing he is not; is a quitter!

Lebron followed up the accusations with a 19 point – 12 assist performance in the Cavs ROUTING of the rival Chicago Bulls.  “We played well as a team,” James said. “We didn’t just get stagnant on offense like we did in the past. It was flowing like water.”

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