LeBron’s season

King James is leading the Cavs to an amazing season. Let’s take a look at what the King has done.


25 games
35.4 minutes per game
49.7% from the field
28.3% from 3 point
79.6% from free throw
6.7 rebounds per game
6.3 assists per game
2.3 turnovers per game
2.0 steals per game
1.2 blocks per game
27.3 points per game

21-4 record!!


416 games played
40.5 minutes played per game
46.9 field goal percentage
32.3 3 point percentage
73.3 free throw percentage
1.8 steals per game
0.8 blocks per game
3.3 turnovers per game
6.9 rebounds per game
6.6 assists per game
27.3 points per game

One thought on “LeBron’s season”

  1. Lebron,

    Please look at my previous message!! I know you love children and respect/admire their love of the game!! PLEASE give my son a chance to meet you. He’s 6’4″ and the “hope” of Greenwood, Indiana…YES, INDIANA..the home of high school basketball!! 🙂 He’s been trained by Roy Hairston (Purdue Alum) and Bryant’s father died of cancer two years ago. We need a little hope and inspiration – please, please, please King James?? Thank you for listening!! Call me anytime…(even though I would faint) @ (317)339-4484. Thank you for helping a mother that needs you more than you know!!

    Again, thank you,

    Kristen Buschmann-Bryant

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