One thought on “Link to LBJ’s circus shot..”

  1. Hi Lebron My name is Kimberly,nicholas mom and I know
    you here a lot of people saying their son or someone they know can play ball,but my son is on your level of playing ball.He’s a senoir in high school and will be continuing on to college,I try my best to motivate him and keep him focus ,and off the streets of chicago because it,s some much going on here and like Derrick Rose made it I,m a strong single mom who is determined for my to make in this world and be successful. So if you can help we would appreciate it if he can come to your camp or just speak with him anything would be helpful.our number is 1(312)388-7329 Chicago.Il60636 1317 W.72ndPlace Thank you for listening to me Love you keep up the good work and keep God first and always.

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