Win 2 Tickets to Watch Lebron James is running a new giveaway for it’s members.  The one lucky winner will receive 2 tickets to watch Lebron James play in his “new” city during the 2010-2011 season.  To register is free and easy. 1) Become a Facebook fan of Club Lebron 2) Join Newsletter (ON THE RIGHT) DONE. We will pick one lucky winner on to win 2 tickets to see Lebron James play during the 2010-2011 season!

8 thoughts on “Win 2 Tickets to Watch Lebron James”

  1. Lebron-Be true to yourself! Happy you are watching out for yourself, and listening to the best advice you can get…from your mother, the only person you can truly trust. Saw you in “More Than A Game”. Great movie.

  2. Lebron you are a true inspiration…I cried when I saw your movie More Than A Game..(and as a bonus you are really funny) I really hope you stay grounded. I have never been a fan of any artist or player. You brought out my love for b-ball. Keep amazing me and do YOU. Keep being family oriented and know that you will have a fan in me For-LIfe. I had to pinch myself when I heard you say you were coming to the Heat :)…My hometown…I wasn’t sure which of your Jerseys I was going to have to wear…I’ll wear any proudly..MUCH LOVE FROM ME!

  3. Hey Lebron,

    Thanks so much for the time in Cleveland, you will be missed. So sorry some fans reacted so poorly. You have always been a gentleman!

    A fan from Cleveland

  4. Hello Lebron, I just have to say that my family and I think you are a wonderful basketball player. You seem to have a wonderful personality on and off the basketball court. You have been very positive attitude while alot of people were trying to make you seem like the bad person. Just keep your head up and God will continue to Bless you and your family.I just want to add that my two year old daughter loves you she watches all of your games.We are going to support you when Miami plays the Bobcats in February and she hopes to get to you in person she will love that.Keep doing what you do on the court because there is still a lot of people on your side and thats supporting you. God Bless.

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