2 thoughts on “Lebron tops fantasy basketball rankings”

  1. Hi lebron you are one of the best basketball players I’ve ever seen you have a wonderful gift you are my son best player and he looks up to you he’s always wanted to come to your games and meet you in person it would be a dream come true for him they call him gmoney hes your number 1 fan I want your team to win this year stay blessed.

  2. ey Lebron,
    i know that this is just fantasy basketball, but it proves my point 2 my boyfriend whos a huge kobe fan!! and im a hugh you fan and cavs fan..lol it shows ur number 1 in the rankings even tho this is just fantasy basketball, but b4 i seen this ive been tellinh my boyfriend that kobe isnt gonna do so well this year and theres gonna b a new mvp this 2009 season! i know its early yet, but i have faith n u and i kno already ur gonna do it!!! i hope i can get some money to come c u n the quicken loans arena this year since its only 45 min away but funds r low, ill b watchn u will on tv!! 5in a row baby lets make it 6!!! ur fan always!!! me

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