Lebron breaks Cavs all-time Steals record

LeBron James scored 31 points and became Cleveland’s career steals leader and led the Cavs to their 9th win in a row by at least 12 points.  The Cavs are 17-1 since Nov. 3 and are just dominating the field.

Nine wins. Nine routs. “That’s unbelievable,” James said. “Knowing the history of some of the great teams, the Chicago Bulls team that went 72-10, the Celtics teams, the Lakers teams and the Pistons teams, it’s unbelievable for our franchise to accomplish something like that.”

Keep up the great work KING!  Might be time to go buy a little KING stock over at OneSeason.com  🙂  Enjoy the pictures.

One thought on “Lebron breaks Cavs all-time Steals record”

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