Lebron James in Miami Hurt His Legacy?

So the biggest rumor of the morning is that Lebron James is heading to the Miami Heat to play alongside with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.  Is this a good idea?  Let’s take a look at some of the issues and let you decide for yourself if Lebron James in Miami will hurt his legacy.

Lebron James Will Win Championships

In Miami there is no question in anyones mind that Lebron James will win championships.  That’s 3/5 of the Eastern Conference All-Stars playing on one team.  All three guys in their prime.  We could be talking multiple championships.  Wade has a deep desire to win games and championships, Bosh is the perfect complimentary big man, and James is just a freak and stud.  This combination WOULD WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS.  We see this as a huge plus for Lebron James.  He could go down in history as the greatest player with several championships.  +1

Such Thing as Watered Down Champs?

There is a common belief that because he would have won championships with 2 other NBA All-Stars that this waters down the fact that Lebron James won a championship.  I don’t buy it.  A championship is a championship.  Every team has to have the pieces in place to win it.  Trust me, if the Miami Heat win an NBA Championship with Lebron James on the team – it will be LARGELY because of him.  But because the general public feels this way his legacy could be tarnished.  You will always hear the people talking… “Lebron James won championships BUTTTT they assembled an all-star team to do it.  He couldn’t do it by himself.”  Because of this, going to Miami could be a negative thing.  -1

This is Dwyane Wade’s Town

To me it would seem a little different if Wade and Bosh were coming to Cleveland to join Lebron.  It would feel like Lebron’s team.  But because Wade has been in Miami all his career and won a championship there – this is Dwyane Wades team and city.  Lebron would essentially be a piece of the puzzle they are adding.  Is this what Lebron wants?  Can he handle not being THE MAN.  Anywhere else Lebron James goes he instantly becomes GOD in that city.  But not in Miami.  He will have to share the spotlight with the guy the Heat fans already LOVE.  -1

Stats, Stats, Stats

Three all-stars on one team means less shots and ultimately stats to go around.  Is there any way Lebron will average 30 PPG on this team?  Nope.  Wade will get his 22+, Bosh will get his 20+ and Lebron might be at 25ish PPG.  While this doesn’t sound like a huge deal – how will Lebron James handle sharing the shots, rebounds, steals, etc… He is a statistics nut.  His individual boxscore is usually loaded with every number imaginable.  There are only so many stats to be had in a game and with Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Lebron James in Miami I see this as an issue.  Not saying Lebron James only cares about stats – but he’s always been the best player on his team BY FAR.  He wants his stats.  -1

The Conclusion

So you can read all of this and determine for yourself if you think Lebron James to the Miami Heat would hurt his legacy in the long term.  Personally, I think it will.  I think many people will be bitter about such an all-star team forming.  They will view Lebron James in a different manner and always be grumbling about him not being able to do it without Wade and Bosh.  And imagine for a minute if they FAIL to win the championship with this team of elite guys?  WHOA!  The rain would start to pour on Lebron James.  Going to Miami is not a good idea Lebron.  Just sayin!

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