Lebron James movie – Fantasy Basketball Camp

medium_lebron-james2Rumors are that Lebron James is going to be a movie star. Fantasy Basketball Camp is the movie that is in the works and it appears to be a movie about five random guys who are all different in their own ways. They all go to the Lebron James Fantasy Basketball camp and become quite comfortable talking with Lebron James. They start sharing stories and adventures making it a quite comedic performance. This is like City Slickers of the NBA.

Can you picture Lebron on the big screen?  Should be interesting!

6 thoughts on “Lebron James movie – Fantasy Basketball Camp”

  1. Whats up lebron? How you doing im just coming on to let you no that hell yeah you’ll look good on the big screen. i love you i love you i love you i wanna be like you i love you MUAH

  2. Good Morning,

    How can I obtain a photo of the great Lebron James (bowling or playing basketball). I will love for my son, Bakare and his bowling team to have a sign photo of Lebron. My son and his teammates at Thomas Edison High School are big fans of Lebron and they are good students. And I love the great sportmanship he show young people on and off court. Thank you.

  3. Hey Lebron,
    im 11 years old and i am such a fan, you are easily the best in the NBA. I look up to you as my idol and maybe someday i can meet you, good luck in the rest of the playoffs.

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