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So “King James” or Lebron James is officially on Twitter. In the latest of Lebrons publicity stunts he decided to open a Twitter account. He has yet to post a single tweet but has over 35,000 followers already. You can find Lebron James Twitter account @kingjames – pretty cool!

This supposedly came about when Chris Paul tried to talk Lebron into telling him which team he was going to. King James wouldn’t. But Paul did talk him into opening a Twitter account and getting started with that. Lebron James publicist Keith Estabreak has confirmed that @kingjames is truly Lebron James. Look for a new look and some tweets to come shortly from Lebron James on Twitter.

The new Twitter account is now on top of his Facebook account and new website at LebronJames.com

One thought on “Lebron James Official Twitter”

  1. I just want to say that I’m very delighted that you have made your decision to go to the Miami Heat Basketball Team and be all that you can be since you are still achieving higher goals in your field. I support all that you do and where is the loyal fans in Cleveland who were with you when the Cav’s were finally on top of the Baketball Circuit with your presence. What phony ignorant fans who are only looking out for Cleveland only and not what makes Labron Happy, so I applaud your decision and admire your great talent on and off the court. Like I said before, in my life time I rate you as one of the 5 top Basketball players in the History of the game. I am also proud that you have really been an Ambassador for our African-Amrerican Race and the kids around the globe admire you also as their role model. Keep up the sharp mind that you have and God is the answer to all Problems of this World. Take care of yourself and may God continue to bless you for your kindness and in helping out our kids and other worthwhile things that you are involved with. You are like a Brother to me.
    My Worldly Love to you,
    Mohammad Abdul-Aziz


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