12 thoughts on “Lebron James to Party in Miami”

  1. Man im proud of your decision and i support you all the way forget the haters and you do what you do best.

  2. Hey LeBron

    I am a true fan and even if I wasn’t I can not understand why the media is hating on you like this. It’s way out of control. It is definitely something else fueling these outrageous comments. It seems sooooo personal. Why? – Because they’re jealous that they can not be half the man you are. You are a beautiful classy man and I know you are stronger than a bunch of middle age white man, who never played professional sports. I love you man. I like how you look out for your boys. I will always support you and I will make sure I support you directly. I will tell all of my friends to support you more than they ever have before. It’s a complete disgrace what’s being said about you, openly on the air. It is always the people whom could never play professionally, (because they are losers), which are the ones that embarrass themselves by getting personal about what you did. You should never take them seriously. Never!!!

    LeBron, you are more powerful than anyone in basketball. I will support you forever!!!


  3. I have created a blog to follow the King at Lebronjamessouthbeach.blogspot.com. Please follow this blog and post your opinions on the quest of he King.

  4. Amazing investment with the new furniture line. GooD luck to you Mr. James! You are making serious moves keep up the good work! I haven’t really followed what’s going on this season but what I’ve seen so far isn’t as great as I imagined it. Well in any event good to see you have your money making money!

  5. Bitch ass mother fucker you need D Wade and Bosh to back you up to do anything in this league you arent shit losing the ball with 2 minutes to go in games you panzy you aren’t even close to Jordan or even fuckin Robert Horry you are not clutch and you love little boys ya jackass suck a dick.

  6. LeBron, everybody has it all wrong. You didn’t fail, you succeeded. You and the Miami Heat accomplished a great deal this season. You developed a good team into a great team. You beat Boston, you beat Chicago, you were the Eastern Champs, and you made it to the NBA finals. Sure you didn’t win, but that just means that you and the team can improve. Next year will be a different story. Always work really hard and keep improving yourself and the team. The rewards will show when you win next years NBA title. Stay strong and keep being the kind person that you are. Big Fan. Take care.

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