21 thoughts on “LeBron and Jay-Z at Two Kings Dinner”

  1. u are awesome one day i hope i will be like u number23 u are awesome u better than kobe im glad i like u man and onuce again i want to be like u i wish u tought me how to play and wish to get your autograph or jersey caleb belfort lakeworth

  2. Hey,there your family is so precious. It would better if I was the wife and mom lolololololo…. It is so cool watching you interact with your kids. In the future I would love to have a husband like you.



  3. i wanna punch lebron and put his wife in a potatoe grinder…i wanna rip her hair off and put it on my horse.. i just wanna say she has gorgeous nipples and she has great arms good for wipping topy..Toby is a nigger who eats fried dick

  4. This is a positive topic so why must some turn it into a negative? his wife is not ugly by any means. some of you are obviously angry at the world and with your selves or maybe you are just upset that he is with a black women. people are not always driven by looks this women looks like she has a very pleasant personality as well as looks. as for the person that mention the thing about ass and hips, well most black men don’t like obese women but like a little thickness were it counts.

  5. lebron wher do i start you are one of the greatest to ever play the game but i do think kobe better than u at some things no one can say u better or he better then you cause yall both great palyers but kobe can shoot better i think…. an u can get to the cup a dunk way better yall just got different game but i my number 1 …… please respond


  7. I just wanna say Lebron is The Best Nba Player Alive right now and theres proof he’s the reign mvp and won 2 mvp’s back to back. And Yes Savannah is Beautiful.

  8. I watched the movie ‘More than a game” about Le Bron’s early years as part of the Fab 5. Man, you had game back and I really liked how you portrayed your closeness to your mom. Shes done really well with you as a solo parent.I hope shes getting all the rewards for her struggles earlier on.Keep dunkin’ on people !!!

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