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Cavs Release Statement After Lebron Leaves

The Cavs have released an official statement following the Lebron James decision to go to the Miami Heat.  It reads…

“We believe in this team, this organization, this community, and what we will do to compete at the highest level. We believe in the new coach and leader we have in Byron Scott, and the world class basketball organization and positive and strong culture we’ve established. Dan Gilbert and our ownership group are firmly committed to reaching our goals and succeeding on the court and in the community, at the highest level.”

“Our fans stepped up and showed their support, to a degree unlike anywhere else. We are fortunate to have the support of the best fans in the NBA. That passion and dedication will be rewarded. We will work relentlessly to continue to build a team that will contend. A team that will win championships. We are all competitors and our one goal is to win, that and Dan Gilbert and our ownership team’s commitment and investment in this organization and community are constants that will not change.”

Bosh to Miami, Lebron Next?

So two of the three biggest free agents on the 2010 NBA market announced today that they were signing and going to be playing in Miami next year. The Heat welcome Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade to their roster. Dwyane Wade has long been a staple and an icon of the Miami Heat, bringing them a championship some years back. He has now added a great piece to the puzzle in Center Chris Bosh. So what does this mean for Lebron?

Lebron James is scheduled to announce his decision on national television tomorrow night (Thursday) at 9:00 EST. Is there any chance he joins these two mega superstars in Miami? It’s not secret that Lebron wanted to play with Bosh and Bosh wanted to play with King James. But it seems to me like the King wanted Bosh to join him IN CLEVELAND. Bosh wasn’t having that and Lebron wouldn’t budge on the issue. So Bosh took the next best option and went to play with Wade in Miami. I think there is ZERO chance Lebron James goes to play in Miami. No way these three egos can coexist in one city.

So where does this leave him? New York is a strong possibility. If Lebron wants to be the king of the world and continue with all the hype – NEW YORK KNICKS are for him. Amare Stoudemire just signed there so this is a great big man superstar to join him on the Knicks. The Bulls and Clippers and Nets seem to be out of the “picture” as far as I can see. Though Boozer and Lebron to Chicago alongside Rose and Noah would certainly make a scary combination. All signs are pointing back to Lebron staying in Cleveland. I think when it comes down to it, Lebron wants to stay here. It’s all he knows. I’m guessing Lebron James is going to stay a Cav tonight and show everyone he’s not ALL about the brightest lights. The question is – will anyone significant ever join him?

LeBron to team up with Ice Cube

According to ESPN The Magazine, Ice Cube and his CubeVision production company is partnering with LeBron James to produce a TV show based on James’ high school life as a teen aged basketball celebrity. The currently untitled show is described as “Friday Night Lights-meets-Entourage,” and will follow an inner-city 15 year-old prep star who is transplanted to a small town school and forced to come of age while dealing with media pressure, shady agents and the jealousy of his friends.

“It’s a grounded character study of teenage life in small town America, but it’s also an exploration of the American Dream and the wish-fulfillment aspect of what his life has become,” said Matt Alvarez, President of CubeVision, who pitched the concept and is also an executive producer on the show.”

Ice Cube has been busy ramping up TV and movie production under CubeVision including a sitcom based on police life for NBC and his upcoming comedy Janky Promoters co-starring Mike Epps and featuring Young Jeezy

LeBron’s season

King James is leading the Cavs to an amazing season. Let’s take a look at what the King has done.


25 games
35.4 minutes per game
49.7% from the field
28.3% from 3 point
79.6% from free throw
6.7 rebounds per game
6.3 assists per game
2.3 turnovers per game
2.0 steals per game
1.2 blocks per game
27.3 points per game

21-4 record!!


416 games played
40.5 minutes played per game
46.9 field goal percentage
32.3 3 point percentage
73.3 free throw percentage
1.8 steals per game
0.8 blocks per game
3.3 turnovers per game
6.9 rebounds per game
6.6 assists per game
27.3 points per game

Lebron breaks Cavs all-time Steals record

LeBron James scored 31 points and became Cleveland’s career steals leader and led the Cavs to their 9th win in a row by at least 12 points.  The Cavs are 17-1 since Nov. 3 and are just dominating the field.

Nine wins. Nine routs. “That’s unbelievable,” James said. “Knowing the history of some of the great teams, the Chicago Bulls team that went 72-10, the Celtics teams, the Lakers teams and the Pistons teams, it’s unbelievable for our franchise to accomplish something like that.”

Keep up the great work KING!  Might be time to go buy a little KING stock over at OneSeason.com  🙂  Enjoy the pictures.