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Harsh words wake up Cavs.

Cavaliers coach Mike Brown was more emotional than usual after his team blew a double-figure halftime lead last month against the Detroit Pistons in Auburn Hills.

Call it disappointment. Call it anger. He didn’t mince words when criticizing his team or himself.

By the way, that’s the last time the Cavs lost.

”Our guys knew that they could have played better and we all stunk that night, including myself,” Brown said. ”When you let games like that slip away or you let people take something from you, it’s not a good feeling, especially without a true fight back.”

In the interim, with the exception of the game Saturday against the Milwaukee Bucks, the Cavs have shown intensity on the court and improved play from the bench while blowing out opponents.

”We played well against Detroit in the first half, then we got lackadaisical, thinking we were just going through the motions another game and win like we’d been winning, and we didn’t,” Cavs center Zydrunas Ilgauskas said. ”It was a real
good reality shot for all of us, I think.”

The Cavs arrived in Auburn Hills on an eight-game winning streak with victories against some of the league’s lower-tier teams and left humbled.

”We learned that we can’t just turn it on and off against the good teams,” Ilgauskas said.

”We learned from our mistakes in Detroit, but we’re going to continue to play the same way whether we won or lost that game,” LeBron James said. ”We’ve been playing the same intense basketball.”

Brown said it helps that the lesson came early in the season.

”Our guys, I think, are smart enough to understand they have a chance to be very good this year,” he said. ”Good teams are going to try to take that from them. Now they have to figure out how we can avoid that happening. How can we be the ones going in and taking things from people on their floor or on our floor.”

What they have taken in the past five games has come with apparent ease, winning games by an average of 19 points.

James knows the Cavs still have to establish themselves more.

”It’s only the first month of the season,” he said. ”We’ve got to continue to get better. We’ve got to continue to go out there and defend. We can’t have any slippage.”

How do they do maintain the intensity? It comes down to reality, Ilgauskas said.

”We had a good month, [but] we haven’t won anything. We haven’t won the division,” he said. ”We haven’t won the conference, we haven’t won anything. It’s really nothing to be proud of, to be honest with you. We played well, obviously. We all know that.

”But just as easy, if you can take it easy, it can be a three-, four-, five-game losing streak. We have bigger goals than that. We want to be playing in June, and we want to put ourselves in a position to have home court in the playoffs.”

Circus in town?

James has no intention of turning away from the media circus surrounding his ”imminent” free agency when the New York media show up to cover the Knicks. In games in New Jersey and New York City last week, much was made about comments that James made.

”I’m going to answer the questions whenever they come, but it’s not such a big deal to me,” he said. ”They’re going to come, and as soon as I say I’m not going to talk about it anymore, that’s when they’re really going to come, so I’m going to answer them and move on like I’ve been doing.”

Quick hit

A bonus could come tonight in playing the Knicks.

If the Cavs win, they will achieve their best home start in franchise history.

Lebron tells the town of Cleveland to shove it

A few months back Lebron made a small statement by wearing a Yankees cap to publicly disgrace the Indians. This was no accident. Our guy is simply a Yankees fan.  So, last week when Lebron showed up on the Cowboys sidelines while they were playing the Browns in Cleveland – it came as no surprise. James has been a huge Cowboy fan since he was little.

Get over it Cavs fans. He plays for the Cavs but he does not like the Indians or the Browns. Doesn’t mean he hates you all as fans. He just has his favorite teams and now he is in a position to publicly display that love.  Keep rockin Lebron!

LeBron talks

From the Canton Rep:

Making the media rounds this past week, LeBron James answered two questions that have dogged the Cavs since their season ended.

What do the Cavs need to win a title? Is James determined to opt out and leave Cleveland in two years? James dealt with both topics on ESPN 850 WKNR’s “Munch on Sports” Wednesday.

“We’re one and a half players away,” James said in regards to how close the Cavs are to winning a title.

One and a half?

James didn’t really elaborate. But from here, that means another legitimate All-Star level player and perhaps a promising rookie who contributes by the end of next season. More on those options below.

As for the rampant speculation that he is gone to New York in two years — either to revive the Nets with buddy and part owner Jay-Z or to resuscitate the Knicks — James didn’t sound like a guy eager to pack his bags.

“At this point,” emphasis on those three words, James does not foresee himself heading elsewhere. Translation: If the Cavs get back to the NBA Finals and prove they are capable of being a regular there over the next five to 10 years, James won’t be so quick to jump at his bite of the apple.


With the NBA Finals over (someone can wake up the Lakers and tell them it was all a bad dream) and the draft this week, things will begin to heat up for the Cavs.

They have the 19th pick Thursday and no second-round pick. They also have two key restricted free agents they will look to keep, guards Daniel Gibson and Delonte West.

After that, anything can happen to upgrade the roster. The Cavs could look to move up in the draft and/or add another pick later on. And they could try to pull off the blockbuster trade that so many want to see from them, though, that won’t be easy.

So what will they do?


The Cavs can’t get any deals done at this stage of the summer and have only the 19th pick as their immediate way for improvement.

Cavs fans don’t like this one, but GM Danny Ferry might be wise to let the dust settle some and see which teams go to tear-down mode and dump talent. Remember, the Celtics didn’t steal Kevin Garnett from the Timberwolves until a month after the draft.

If the Cavs stand pat on draft night, look for them to go big at No. 19. They have a rapidly aging front line with their youngest big man (Anderson Varejao) in a position to bolt next summer.

If GlenOak’s Kosta Koufos is still there at No. 19 it will be hard for the Cavs to ignore the most skilled 7-footer in this draft.

But the guess here is Koufos is gone by the time the Cavs pick. His workouts in Vegas and for individual teams have reminded everyone just how freakish of an athlete he is — 7-foot-1 with good athleticism, the ability to shoot with range, handle and pass. And, oh yeah, he’s a good kid by all accounts.

With Koufos likely gone, the imposing Roy Hibbert, a four-year player at Georgetown, could be the pick. He should be able to come in and help from the start as a rebounder and defender.

Also a possibility is 7-0 DeAndre Jordan, who left Texas A&M after one season. He’s very athletic but extremely raw, having averaged just 7.9 points and 6.0 rebounds in his lone college season.


The summer ends with the Cavs having Elton Brand as their starting power forward and a rookie wing-type player with the ability to contribute to the rotation by next postseason. This could be the “one and a half player” that makes the Cavs a legit threat to win it all.

Talk of acquiring another shooter always dominates Cavs’ trade rumors. But a greater priority could be finding a scoring threat in the paint. Brand would be the answer.

The Clippers being the Clippers, they are due to blunder away a super talent and the former All-Star forward fits into that category, having averaged 20 and 10 for his career. Coming off last season’s Achilles injury is what could make Brand available, so there is that concern.

He returned to play in the final eight games, which is not enough of a sample to confirm his health. But if the Cavs and their doctors feel comfortable that Brand is not too much of a health risk — and the Clippers don’t want to deal with his future contract demands — he could give James the secondary option he needs.

As for the rookie wing-type player, someone along the lines of Rodney Stuckey comes to mind. The Pistons got the strong, combo guard with the 15th pick last year after two high-scoring seasons at Eastern Washington. Stuckey dealt with an injury early on, but wasted no time settling into Detroit’s rotation by the playoffs and looks to be a long-term contributor there.

Who’s that guy later in this first round?

Chris Douglas-Roberts of Memphis could be. He’ll come out a bit older and more experienced than Stuckey after three seasons with the Tigers. He’s also a much higher-profile guy, having helped Memphis get to the Final Four.

But he has some basic ingredients that should intrigue the Cavs — size (6-7), versatility, ability to defend and a knack for scoring. He’s best at slashing but has developed a decent shot, making 41 percent of his 3-pointers last season from the shorter college distance.

LeBron’s season in recap

While the Cleveland Cavaliers did not quite repeat their Eastern Conference Champions performance of the 2006-2007 season, the Cavs did have a pretty good season. Finishing fourth in the Eastern Conference, and 13th overall, Cleveland finished with a final regular season record of 45-37, .549 win percentage. The Cavs were 27-14 at home, and 18-23 on the road. Cleveland was eliminated in a grueling seven game series by the Eastern Conference Champion, Boston Celtics by a final score of 97-92. The Cavs won all three against the Celtics at home, but dropped all four in Boston. Before Boston, the Cavs were able to polish off the fifth seeded Washington Wizards.

Our boy LeBron James led the NBA in scoring with a season average of 30.0 points per game. Here are the rest of LeBron’s 07-08 stats.

75 games
40.4 minutes per game
48.4% from the field
31.5% from 3 pt
71.2% from free throw
7.9 rebounds per game
7.2 assists per game
3.4 turnovers per game
1.8 steals per game
1.1 blocks per game

LeBron, who will turn 24 in December now has put up FIVE phenominal years in his young career. This guy is on the path to greatness, if he hasn’t been already. Here are his career stats through five years. I challenge anyone to find someone with a better five years than our boy.

391 games
16088 minutes played
46.7% from the field
32.4% from 3pt
72.8% from free throw
2694 total rebounds
2572 total assists
1300 total turnovers
693 total steals
312 total block shots
10689 total points scored

What will 2008-2009 bring for LeBron and the Cavs? Well, obviously they will not be the team to beat coming into next season. It appears Garnett, Pierce, Allen and the crew will once again be the team to be in 08-09? What do the Cavs need to do to raise their level of play and be a top contender, not just in the East, but also among the elite NBA teams. Keep in mind, if Cleveland was in the West, the Cavs would not have made the playoffs. The teams out West are better. Well, first of all, LeBron needs to stick with Cleveland. He needs to show he wants to make that career committment and show he wants to be a Cav, so other elite players team up, and turn the Cavs into a powerhouse we know they should be. After that happens, the Cavs need to get LBJ some help. The poor guy was a one man show for alot of the year, and no rings will come with a one man show. Ask Kobe.