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Happy Lebron James Day

Happy Lebron James Day


The King, Lebron James, will be making his final decision tonight on where he is going to play next year.  Miami?  Cleveland?  Chicago?  New York?  His latest Twitter is still begging for some attention as it says,

Good Morning! It’s your chance to ask me a question about my decision, use #lebrondecision to submit and I’ll answer them tonight.

To be honest I’m just ready for it to be over so we can move on with real Lebron news.  All of this drama is wearing us out.  In other news, look for Club Lebron to go through a major overhaul once his decision is made!!!

Happy Lebron James Day

LeBron James Announces Decision on ESPN

Lebron James has confirmed that he will announce his 2010 free agency decision on Thursday, 7/8/2010, during a one hour special at 8:00 PM EST airing on ESPN.  So there you go, Lebron James will make his decision on Thursday and announce it to the world.  Who will it be?  The Cavs?  Bulls? Heat? Knicks?  Our money is still on Lebron James staying with the Cleveland Cavs.

DO NOT MISS THIS LEBRON JAMES ANNOUNCEMENT ON ESPN! Thursday!  9:00 PM EST.  Check back here or sign up for our Club on the right for instance ClubLebron.com updates!!!