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LeBron’s season in recap

While the Cleveland Cavaliers did not quite repeat their Eastern Conference Champions performance of the 2006-2007 season, the Cavs did have a pretty good season. Finishing fourth in the Eastern Conference, and 13th overall, Cleveland finished with a final regular season record of 45-37, .549 win percentage. The Cavs were 27-14 at home, and 18-23 on the road. Cleveland was eliminated in a grueling seven game series by the Eastern Conference Champion, Boston Celtics by a final score of 97-92. The Cavs won all three against the Celtics at home, but dropped all four in Boston. Before Boston, the Cavs were able to polish off the fifth seeded Washington Wizards.

Our boy LeBron James led the NBA in scoring with a season average of 30.0 points per game. Here are the rest of LeBron’s 07-08 stats.

75 games
40.4 minutes per game
48.4% from the field
31.5% from 3 pt
71.2% from free throw
7.9 rebounds per game
7.2 assists per game
3.4 turnovers per game
1.8 steals per game
1.1 blocks per game

LeBron, who will turn 24 in December now has put up FIVE phenominal years in his young career. This guy is on the path to greatness, if he hasn’t been already. Here are his career stats through five years. I challenge anyone to find someone with a better five years than our boy.

391 games
16088 minutes played
46.7% from the field
32.4% from 3pt
72.8% from free throw
2694 total rebounds
2572 total assists
1300 total turnovers
693 total steals
312 total block shots
10689 total points scored

What will 2008-2009 bring for LeBron and the Cavs? Well, obviously they will not be the team to beat coming into next season. It appears Garnett, Pierce, Allen and the crew will once again be the team to be in 08-09? What do the Cavs need to do to raise their level of play and be a top contender, not just in the East, but also among the elite NBA teams. Keep in mind, if Cleveland was in the West, the Cavs would not have made the playoffs. The teams out West are better. Well, first of all, LeBron needs to stick with Cleveland. He needs to show he wants to make that career committment and show he wants to be a Cav, so other elite players team up, and turn the Cavs into a powerhouse we know they should be. After that happens, the Cavs need to get LBJ some help. The poor guy was a one man show for alot of the year, and no rings will come with a one man show. Ask Kobe.

LeBron visits University of Akron for turkey time

Lebron James is genuinely a nice guy! Last Sunday, Lebron supported his local community by showing up for (and donating to) the Lebron James Famly Foundation outreach at Akron.  This event was to give a meal to area residents that were homeless or disadvantaged.  525 local residents showed up for this meal.  It was title “Show Time. Meal Time. Family Time”.  In the past, Lebron had sponsored a free turkey giveaway but this year he decided to go above and beyond!

‘Yes, it’s easy to write a check. But you never see what goes on with the check,” LeBron continued, acknowledging Thanksgiving is a special time for giving back. ”I wanted more for these families, to get them excited.’

This again just shows that King James is not only MVP on the court but a quality young man off the court!