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LeBron’s season

King James is leading the Cavs to an amazing season. Let’s take a look at what the King has done.


25 games
35.4 minutes per game
49.7% from the field
28.3% from 3 point
79.6% from free throw
6.7 rebounds per game
6.3 assists per game
2.3 turnovers per game
2.0 steals per game
1.2 blocks per game
27.3 points per game

21-4 record!!


416 games played
40.5 minutes played per game
46.9 field goal percentage
32.3 3 point percentage
73.3 free throw percentage
1.8 steals per game
0.8 blocks per game
3.3 turnovers per game
6.9 rebounds per game
6.6 assists per game
27.3 points per game

Congrats to LeBron

We want to send out a huge congrats to our boy LBJ, for rep-ing the USA in the upcoming Olympics.

We all knew LeBron would be chosen, and what a man he is for deciding he wants to go. So many NBA players are babies, and whine their way out of playing. Not LBJ. He is ready to make that trip to Beijing. The USA has not won a gold medal in Basketball since 1996. It’s about time boys.

A full list of Team USA should be available later today!

Go luck in China LeBron!